We Found The Perfect Wedding Diet Guide

While choosing font styles for invitations, designing your seating chart, and creating a playlist for the DJ that gets guests moving but keeps Uncle Bob from breaking out his polka moves, it can be difficult to find the time to work towards your wedding day weight loss goals.

We know how hectic the months leading up to your wedding day can be, so we scouted out a solution and found Redbook’s Wedding Dress Challenge, a doable wedding diet and fitness plan that helps you get your body back while planning for the big day.

Just like wedding planning, the key to successful weight loss is finding ways to simplify the process and organize the details.

With week-by-week healthy eating plans, nutrition checklists, wedding workout tips, and more, the Wedding Dress Challenge simplifies and organizes all the details of your weight loss goals.

Our favorite part is the The Wedding Dress Challenge’s nutrition checklists, which you print out by week to help you track your daily food intake. Here’s an example from Week One: 

Source: RedbookMag

We love it! How do you balance wedding planning and weight loss goals? Share your tips with us in a comment.


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