ultimate workout nutrition guide

Best Foods And Drinks To Fuel Your Workout

There are certain foods and drinks that will give your workout a boost before, during & after. About a half hour to one hour before a workout, you want to be sure to eat or drink something high in carbs or protein depending on your planned method of exercise.

After working out, it’s super important to rehydrate, and the best way to do that is with filtered water. Sports drinks contain sodium, to help the body retain water, and sugar, to burn for energy. But most people would have to jog for at least two hours, before their body’s carbohydrate supply would start to run low to need the added sugar. So, while they’re great for a running a long distance or other exhaustive exercise, water is the way to go for an everyday workout.

Refueling food wise, if your session was heavy on the weights, you’ll want to get some protein to facilitate in muscle building and tissue repair. If you went hard with the cardio, you’ll need carbs. See the infographic below for suggestions & details.

Workout Nutrition Guide

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Now that you know what to fuel up with, here are three 20 minute workouts that can be done at the gym or in your living room! 


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